Mri Av System :smrt Image Lumica by Boombang Inc. Design Team

Boombang Inc. Design Team Demonstrates The Smrt Image Lumica Mri Av System

Boombang Inc. Design Team, the project leader of the awarded project SMRT IMAGE Lumica by Boombang Inc. Design Team demonstrates, SMRT Image Lumica is a two-way communication device between patients and medical professionals, which allows enhanced fM <Cropped>

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Award Winning Thinkvision X1 Computer Monitor

Acclaimed Designer Presents The Thinkvision X1 Computer Monitor

The architect of the displayed work ThinkVision X1 - Computer Monitor by Acclaimed Designer says, X1 monitor is the ultimate display for graphics, multi-function usability, and design. A slim display combines infinity border with ultra thin panel. Re <Cropped>

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Beer:dr. Strudell by Yaroslav Dekhnik and Alexey Seoev

Yaroslav Dekhnik and Alexey Seoev Discloses The Dr. Strudell Beer

Yaroslav Dekhnik and Alexey Seoev, the architect of the award winning work Dr. Strudell by Yaroslav Dekhnik and Alexey Seoev says, Dr. Strudell is a collection of soft drinks of various flavours. The target audience of it mostly consists of young peo <Cropped>

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Exhibition Booth by Irirna Rif

Irirna Rif Illustrates The Pitti Bimbo Exhibition Booth

Irirna Rif, the designer of the highlighted work Award Winning Pitti Bimbo Exhibition Booth illustrates, Place where a child feels needed and loved. A creative freedom of a child imagination. The main goal is to create an atmosphere of a positive moo <Cropped>

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Cuff Bracelet by Laleh Safarzadeh

Laleh Safarzadeh Reveals The Interlace Pattern Cuff Bracelet

Laleh Safarzadeh, the project leader of the highlighted work Award Winning Interlace Pattern Cuff Bracelet points out, This elegant cuff bracelet is an artistic presentation, inspired by the Islamic interlace pattern. The Islamic interlace patterns a <Cropped>

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Living With Trees-Interior Design by Hsin-Hung Wu

Hsin-Hung Wu Demonstrates The Living With Trees Interior Design

Hsin-Hung Wu, the project leader of the highlighted design Hsin-Hung Wu's Living with Trees Interior Design explicates, Designed based on the idea of “trees,” the residential sales center exhibits the concept living with trees. The comfortin <Cropped>

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Vector – Vacuity Vs. Reality-Residential House by Shih-Kai Chen

Shih-Kai Chen Reveals The Vector – Vacuity Vs. Reality Residential House

Shih-Kai Chen, the maker of the awarded design Residential House:Vector – Vacuity vs. Reality by Shih-Kai Chen illustrates, This is a four-story residential building construction and interior design project. The elongated construction site allows f <Cropped>

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Svetlana Fedina's Solving Wool Mysteries Organic Wool Coat

Svetlana Fedina Creates The Solving Wool Mysteries Organic Wool Coat

Svetlana Fedina, the designer of the highlighted work Svetlana Fedina's Solving Wool Mysteries Organic Wool Coat illustrates, The idea was to create a sustainable alternative to the leather jacket. Leather represents cruelty to animals as well a <Cropped>

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University of Melbourne-Arts West by Peter Rattle

Peter Rattle Exhibits The University of Melbourne-Arts West Upholstered Acoustic Panels

Peter Rattle, the architect of the displayed project Upholstered Acoustic Panels:University of Melbourne - Arts West by Peter Rattle explains, Our brief was to supply and install a multitude of Fabric wrapped Acoustic panels with various sizes, angl <Cropped>

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Luxury Residential Model House :hutong Courtyard Villages by Ray Chou

Ray Chou Designs The Hutong Courtyard Villages Luxury Residential Model House

RAY CHOU, the creative mind behind the award winning design Luxury Residential model House by RAY CHOU explains, We offers not only exceptional value on the market, but also it seeks to more accurately bring Eastern aesthetics to light through the <Cropped>

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