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Plutus Spacemen

The product line was named 'Pluto Spacemen'. The designer combines the elements of 'Fortune Cat' with astronauts, and matches the original formal spacesuit with the lovely design appearance to give people more joy and love. Different colors make you look forward to opening the package. This series takes retro as the design theme, and makes different attempts in color collocation. Different processes make the whole product more pleasant, and ultimately these memories will be presented to customers through time and space.

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This candy 3D printer combines traditional Chinese folk art "Sugar Figure Blowing" with modern technology. More children will be exposed to this traditional Chinese folk art, which will add fun to their lives. The candy 3D printer can be manipulated through the App, and the candy particles can be printed and formed in the form of 3D printing, bringing various styles of candies to the children to eat and appreciate.

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From leisure to creativity The need to attract luck with good and bad vibes, for those who believe in it or simply like an amulet; Cabuleros falls into the category of Art toy and is born from the mind of those who prefer to spend 24 hours sleeping without dreaming, from the insistence of the friend who sometimes writes and asks him, do you already have them? To them and to those who like these bugs, thank you.

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Morok is a new visual story of the famous deductive game Werewolf. Players can try the role of the Inquisition or the Plague Doctor, or can become possessed by the Japanese demons. Cards style is inspired by mysterious Tarot and contains esoteric and occult symbols. It is made in an expressionist manner using 3D graphics, classic art materials and stylization of ancient murals and engravings. To keep the esoteric style, cards size was chosen equal to the Tarot size. The game is made of paperboard with full-color printing, UV varnish and foil so it can be a wonderful gift

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Smart Box

Traditional building blocks are the most popular toy for 3-7 years old children. Compared with the monotonous play of traditional building blocks, Smart Box uses fewer modules to create more flexible digital games. The small size of the box makes an easier hardware cost control and more development to the advantages of the software. It breaks the conventional cognition of children building blocks and mathematical enlightenment, in order to help children play and enlighten better.

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Hair Salon

The team designed four cute animal shapes so children can learn to understand different animals and creative different hair styles for them to develop their own craft skills. The team made a large area of the pressure plate on the bottom of the animals, so children can easily operate. Children need to put the dough inside the animal toy, and through squeezing, the dough hair will be squeezed out and trim them. Dough is a material that can be reused. Moreover, the toy is suitable for playing with other people, such as friends and parents, and creates a lot of fun by making funny hair.

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