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Build Your City

Once people get the Build Your City toy, their game is already on. The box is a part of the toy, which acts as the city's road in the building game. Each box's side is a road shape with indentations: straight line, L-shape, T-shape, and crossroad. The more Build Your City blind boxes people collect, the more city buildings and vehicles toys they get randomly, so the bigger city they can build. Build Your City can stimulate people's imagination and bring people excited about the inside toy's uncertainty when opening the blind box.

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Pike is an articulated wooden doll. A toy for both small and big children. It is not only a toy but also a poser model for artists and a figure for stop-motion animators. The body parts are easily put together with elastic cords. It does not require any tool thanks to the joint mechanism. Disassembling and reassembling is also a part of the game. It is simply a wooden friend for all ages.

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Simulated Life

The way of bringing history alive allows children to experience history more intuitively. So team designs a toy. Through the toy, children are able to not only read history, but also enjoy it. The game course is designed according to the archaeological process. Players can play games with the things that excavated from sands.

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This creative construction with its fresh and colorful cones as its natural eco-friendly wooden boards helps children to develop concentration skills and to develop logical thinking. The aim of the game is to build a truly inventive structure using all the pieces without any falling down. The wooden boards and silicone cones in different sizes allow kids for a myriad of construction possibilities and enhance them to imagine their own world.

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Woven Timber Arch

It is a toy suitable for all ages. Taking the opportunity of activating the intangible cultural heritage, the design team tries to productize the Woven Timber Arch Bridge. They works out nine modules to make the components more concise. The different modules can be put together into bridges of various shapes. This challenging gameplay is very appealing.

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The pipe circuit

The water pipe circuit provides a new experience for electrical beginners: simple, intuitive and clear. Using the flow of water as an analogy to the flow of electricity, towering battery boxes power the circuit like water towers. We package each electronic component in an independent module, and mark it with silkscreen and lamp on the module shell. Unified module interface, with the way of splicing blocks so that all kinds of electronic components can be arbitrarily combined. Learning circuit will no longer be confused by the messy panel, also avoid the difficulty and danger

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